Mind and passion for automation

Our heart beats for almost 30 years for the automation technology - whether in our headquarters in Weingarten or on site at our customers worldwide. We put all our know-how and the best ideas in engineering from electric and software for process engineering until test stands. In doing so, we bring in our experience and new ideas from the beginning of the project through commissioning to after-sales service.


Heart and mastermind in the plant

Where the mechanics care for the muscles and bones of the machine, Buck Engineering brings the heart and mastermind into the system. Our team develops the electronic circuit diagrams, which supply all components like a blood circulation. The software we have adapted with its data flow is finally the nerve system for the machine. For fit installations and successful customer projects, we at Buck Engineering want to get better and better - which is why we have been DIN ISO certified for several years.

Electronic design

We construct the electronic circuit diagrams for our customers' machinery using the most modern computer aided engineering tools. Our experts use CAD / CAE planning tools such as EPLAN, XELEC or SEE Electrical Expert to plan quickly and…

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A strong team

We are a team of 25 highly qualified employees from all over the world.

Our employees use the latest software tools and methods for their projects. Speaking the main languages, we understand every customer in the world:
English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Polish.

Competence and professionalism is the result of education, experience for almost 20 years and continuous training of our employees.